French women have accused their husbands of raping them at their home, forcing them to carry out painful experiments on themselves to avoid pregnancy and childbirth.

The revelations came after a woman in her early 20s accused her husband of raping her at his home in the city of Toulouse on Tuesday.

“I had been told by my friend that the man was taking her to the apartment and she would go to the bathroom with him, but he kept insisting that she must do it, so I started to think it was all a joke,” she said.

She said her husband’s behaviour, which she said included forcing her to perform painful experiments, including injecting herself with a dangerous chemical called hydroxychloroethylene, was so bad, she was unable to sleep.

“He raped me while I was asleep, forcing me to have sex with him,” she told local media.

“It was horrible.

The smell of his urine made me vomit, and he kept trying to make me do things.”

She said the man threatened to kill her and take her child, but she refused.

“After that, he would take me to the police, but I would not take him back,” she added.

French Prime Minister Bruno Le Maire told French TV channel TF1 on Wednesday that the woman’s claim was “inappropriate”.

“I think it is inappropriate for a woman to tell her husband about something like this,” he said.

The woman, who is now in her 20s, said she had been pregnant before the alleged rape.


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