Laskos tower heating system uses high-temperature steam to melt and cool air, rather than air-conditioning or other heating systems.

The system is powered by a single 110V electric generator, and is rated at 8,000W of power per hour.

It’s designed to be used on residential rooftops, and in places where heat is scarce.

Laskovits own website says the system is also suitable for urban areas, where power is expensive and it needs to be kept cool.

There are two types of the system, which use steam generated by a turbine to cool the tower.

The tower heating method is more efficient, with less heat being wasted and more power being generated, according to the company.

The Laskova Tower heater is also capable of producing up to 15W of electricity per hour, although the manufacturer says that this can be increased to 25W per hour by increasing the temperature of the steam generated, and also by reducing the time the heat exchanger spends heating the air.

It is also possible to have a smaller system, using a series of smaller units, which can be connected together to form a larger unit.

The company says that the Lskovs new tower heating technology is also environmentally friendly, as it uses a number of renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar and geothermal, and uses only electricity produced from renewable sources, rather being dependent on fossil fuels.

It’s estimated that the total electricity generated by Laskoz Tower heaters will amount to around £1bn ($1.6bn).


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