The Tower of Pizza was a $1.2 billion project in Australia.

It is now a $2.6 billion project.

The Australian government said the project is expected to open by March.

This is a project that has been in the works for more than a decade, with a $3 billion funding request from the Commonwealth and $2 billion from the private sector.

It will be the largest residential tower in the world and will be completed in 2019.

There will be 12 towers on the site, each with a total height of 944 metres.

The tallest tower will be 432 metres.

Here’s what you need now to know.

Why is the tower of Pizza worth so much?

Australia’s largest apartment building is the Tower of Pizzas, built in 2009.

It’s the world’s tallest apartment building and was the most expensive in Australia at $2,972,958.

The tower was the result of the Commonwealth’s “Superstar” grant program, which was awarded to Australian developers in 2010.

In 2010, the Commonwealth spent $1 billion on the project.

At the time, the cost of the tower was estimated at $1,000 per square metre.

The Government has spent $2bn on the tower, which is also known as the Tower Park.

The government said it will cost $1 million per square meter for the tower.

The towers will house 4,000 units, and the project will also include the creation of 5 million square metres of retail space.

The project is a result of a $8.8 billion Commonwealth-funded $3.8bn loan to the private market.

The funding was announced in May 2017 and was approved by the Government.

It included a $400 million loan from the Australian Investment Bank (AIB) and $100 million from the Federal Government.

The $1bn will cover the construction costs of the towers.

The building is also due to open in 2019, with the completion date of 2019 expected.

What does the tower look like?

The building will feature a four-storey facade, with one storey above the street level.

The facade will be made of concrete and will also contain underground parking.

The site is being developed by Australian developer CIM Group, which has developed other residential projects in the country.

It said the new tower would be the tallest building in Australia and will include the construction of five million square meters of retail and office space.

CIM said the construction cost of $3bn would cover all costs associated with the project, including infrastructure, permitting and design.

Why did the Government go with the Commonwealth to finance the project?

The Federal Government said it was in favour of the project because it was part of a program that helped to support the construction and operation of the world-class residential tower.

A government spokesman said the $1-billion was to be used to cover construction costs, including permitting and environmental approvals.

The Department of Finance said the development would also contribute to the development of a more resilient urban environment.

What will the apartments look like inside?

Apartments will feature an indoor shopping mall, which will include a cinema, gym, dining and fitness facilities.

There is also a restaurant and gym.

It also features an underground parking garage, which can be accessed by underground lifts.

How much will the towers cost?

Construction of the first tower will cost the Commonwealth $1m per square foot, with an additional $1 per square metres over the project’s construction life.

Construction of a second tower will start in 2020, with completion in 2022.

The total cost for the towers will be $3m per sq metre, with $4m per building per year.


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