A new study shows trucking companies are paying less for towing capacity as demand for their products and services has soared.

The survey by the Transportation Industry and Policy Institute finds that in 2014, trucks had to tow 1,037,000 vehicles.

In 2016, the figure was 1,069,000.

But that doesn’t account for the tens of millions of vehicles that have been towed in the past few years, which has forced the industry to ramp up capacity.

The report also finds that average towing costs have increased for trucking services since 2010, when towing capacities were about 30 percent lower.

It also finds some of the biggest culprits in the increase in costs are new fleet rules, new regulations and the fact that truckers are driving more and more of their vehicles on the road.

Here’s what you need to know about the towing industry.

What is a tow yard?

The term tow yard is a type of trailer, truck, or trailer bed that can tow vehicles on-road or on-demand.

In general, tow yard units are used for small vehicles.

The largest type of tow yard unit is the trailer tractor.

There are a lot of different types of tow yards.

The most common is a fixed-gear unit, which allows a tractor to tow vehicles along curves and on flat surfaces.

A trailer tractor can also be equipped with trailer bed units, which allow it to tow smaller vehicles such as trailers.

The type of vehicle to tow can vary from truck to truck.

For example, a tractor that is being towed on a highway can have a flatbed or a trailer cab.

For smaller vehicles, a trailer tractor is more common, and it is usually a combination of a trailer and a bed.

But for larger vehicles, like a car, a bed can be used.

A bed is also a more efficient way to tow a vehicle.

It is much lighter, and can carry less weight, which is why it is used in smaller vehicles.

How much does it cost?

A tow yard can cost anywhere from $100 to $400.

But it is the price of the trailer that makes the difference.

Towing capacity is usually measured in metric tons (MTs).

A trailer is typically capable of carrying more than 4,000 MTs.

But most trailers require the topper to be more than 10,000 and some trailers have a minimum of 20,000 (some vehicles have as high as 30,000).

A towing truck costs about $500, but a tow truck with a topper that is 25,000 or more is more expensive.

A tow truck that can haul more than 30,00 MTs costs between $600 and $1,000 per MT.

So the cost per MT varies depending on how many units the truck can tow.

If you are using a trailer that can handle more than 5,000 units, you might be able to find a tow unit for about $600.

A topper costs around $400 to $800, so it is not as expensive as a bed, but the cost of a unit with a unit topper is about twice the cost.

There is a fee associated with a trailer tow unit, so there is a difference between the cost you pay and the cost that you get.

How do I tow a truck?

You can tow a tow trailer in one of two ways: On-demand: You can order a tow for any vehicle that is within your fleet.

This can be a truck or trailer, or you can choose to tow it for free.

It depends on the size of the vehicle and how long the vehicle is.

In some cases, you can tow the trailer for as little as $2 a unit, but this will depend on the vehicle type.

In other cases, a tow is charged for each unit that is towed.

This means that it is almost impossible to have a good rate of return if you don’t pay upfront.

On-road: If you want to tow your vehicle on-site, you must first apply for a permit.

If approved, the trailer will be towed for free on the day of your scheduled towing.

The fee is about $30 per unit.

You must have the trailer inspected and registered by a local towing company before you can begin to tow the vehicle.

On the day you plan to tow, you will need to sign a release saying that you will tow the unit at your own expense.

The permit must be renewed every two years and must contain a written contract.

There may be additional fees associated with the trailer, such as a $200 charge for a tow company.

If the trailer is towed on-the-road, the toting company will pay the cost, as well as any additional fees you may be charged.

What if I have questions about towing?

You may have questions or concerns about the cost and value of towing services, as long as you are a registered towing agent


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