An Alabama trucking company has filed a lawsuit against a former tow trucker who was charged with stealing the company’s trucks, the Sun-Sentinel reported on Monday.

The trucking giant, Tower Prep, alleges that former owner Eric Eaves, 63, stole the company from its former owner, the Tow Truck Company, after Eaves began selling the trucks for less than $3,000.

Eaves was arrested in October, and Tower Prep filed the lawsuit in federal court in Huntsville.

The company says Eaves stole the trucks and the money, and that he had a criminal history and that his crimes had no nexus to Tower Prep.

Tower Prep says it has been a long time since it was in business, and has lost millions of dollars in business.

Tow Truck Company owner Eric Gaves told the Sun Sentinel the company has lost money for years, and believes Eaves has not been truthful in his statements.

Eaves had a history of misconduct that could be attributed to his drug and alcohol abuse, Tower P.O. Box manager Jason Ralston said.

Towers spokesman Michael Dube told the paper that the company had never received a complaint about Eaves.

He said the company was in the process of taking legal action.

The Sun-sentinel also reported that Eaves told investigators that he stole the tow trucks to help pay off a $200,000 debt, and was later charged with theft by deception.


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