By Paul D. Diamantsini/WireImageFor the second year in a row, the annual Twilight Festival of Modern Art was held in Manhattan, New York.

While many of the installations were of a more classical nature, the main attraction was the cell tower, a floating tower designed by architect Paul Dias.

While the towers were impressive and functional, many were simply fascinating, especially for the art lovers who came out to see them.

Here are a few of the stunning creations from the event:The tower has a stunning spiral design that shows off the curvature of the earth.

The tower has the appearance of a modernist masterpiece, while its design is reminiscent of modernist designs that have been around for decades.

The glass is translucent, with layers of glass covering the interior of the tower.

The interior also includes a layer of reflective material to enhance the effect of the glass.

The tower is surrounded by a large glass wall that stretches for several stories.

This is a great way to watch the towers from above, but you can also view them from below.

The ceiling has a huge spiral, and the design of the spiral is reminiscent in many ways of the design that is used in modernist works.

The spiral forms a circle, with a spiral extending from the base of the structure.

The base of this tower also has a curved shape, which is reminiscent to the spiral shape of the cell towers.

The shape is reminiscent a classic French work, which has a spiral that is almost like a snake.

The cell tower is a very beautiful piece, with its spiral structure, and beautiful glass, which gives the tower a unique, industrial look.

It was a wonderful event, and we hope you will come to New York for the next one!


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