Tesla’s new electric vehicle launches at $35K: $35,000 electric car, $25,000 to get in, plus $500 insurance

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has unveiled a $35k electric car to compete with Toyota’s Prius hybrid and Ford’s F-150 pickup.

Tesla says the $3500 Model 3 is designed to be the ultimate all-electric SUV for the American public, and the $25k Model 3 Plus is meant to give American consumers the option of an EV in the future.

The $25 k will come with $1,500 insurance for collision damage, a $1k $1-year lease and a $500 Tesla Lifetime Insurance.

Here’s a look at how the Tesla Model 3 and $25 Model 3Plus will look when they go on sale later this year:The $35000 Model 3 will be a sport utility vehicle, but will also be able to tow, accelerate and brake, Musk said during a live demo.

At $35 k, it will be the fastest electric car available to the general public.

Tesla says it will sell for $50,000, though there’s a chance buyers will have to fork over even more.

The $30k Model 4, Musk told reporters at the unveiling, will be built on a new platform.

It will be more fuel-efficient and less expensive to build, Tesla said, than the Model 3.

Musk said it will also have a range of more than 300 miles, or about four times the range of the $30 k Model 3, but it won’t be able tow a ton of cargo.

Both the $5,000 Model S and $7,500 Model X will also go onsale later this month, Musk says.

Both models will be priced about the same as the $50k Model S.

Both the new Model 3 cars will be available on October 20.

Musk says he expects that more than 50% of Tesla’s Model 3 buyers will order a vehicle before October.


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