The following is an excerpt from The New York Times’s upcoming New York City Business Report, which will appear on Friday, January 12, 2018.

The New Yorker, New York, January 11, 2018 The New Yorkers are one of the wealthiest and most politically connected communities in the country, and the people of Manhattan are known for their rich and varied cultures.

This year, they are going to need some extra cash to survive.

That’s what’s at stake when the city of New York begins a drive to install thousands of new storage towers, a measure that has been long predicted by economists, and one that could bring in millions of dollars a year.

But if the new towers are approved, they will cost tens of billions of dollars.

And they’re not just any old towers: They will be among the largest in the world, and their size and cost are expected to dwarf any in the United States, which is the world’s biggest consumer of truck storage.

They are also expected to increase truck traffic in Manhattan, the city’s most populous borough, which has the second-highest rate of vehicle traffic in the U.S. after Detroit.

In the past year, the number of trucks in Manhattan has increased by more than 3 million, according to a study by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

At the same time, the average vehicle load has declined by more as people drive fewer miles.

New York’s drive to add more storage towers is a case study in how big the city needs more storage.

The idea was to make the city more mobile, but the real test will be when the tower is installed.

The city will eventually need more than 20,000 storage towers for the city to keep up with its growing demand for trucks, which it is increasingly turning into the backbone of its city.

A new tower, however, would likely take longer than the time it would take to erect a new highway, and it would also cost more to operate.

But there are a lot of things that can be done with a new tower.

There is a plan to build an underground network of storage towers to serve up to 400,000 vehicles a day, about 10 percent of the citys daily truck load.

There are plans to build a highway that could handle 1.5 million trucks a day.

And there is a system to provide drivers with access to the nearest storage facility.

But even with all of that, the New Yorkers still have to buy the trucks, maintain the roads and pay for the towers.

That makes the storage towers an important part of New Yorkers’ transportation system, said David Mather, an urban planner and director of the Urban Land Institute.

New Yorkers will likely pay more for the storage facilities than the average driver, who could pay up to $1,400 per year for the capacity of their vehicle.

But the towers could also provide extra income for the residents of the region, Mather said.

For instance, residents of Brooklyn could see a 10 percent increase in their monthly income, and that could be enough to pay for their parking space and rent for an additional year.

For residents of Queens, there would be a 30 percent increase, according.

But a new storage tower would only be worth $1 per truck, according the New York Public Library.

The cost of installing the new storage buildings could rise in the years ahead as a city’s economy recovers from the recession and as people seek out more efficient ways to use their vehicles.

But Mather also said the new buildings could be more than a moneymaker for the New Yorker.

Newers will also benefit from their new location, which should make the transportation network more efficient, he said.

“The more vehicles you have in the city, the more efficient the system becomes, and so they will have an increased use of the infrastructure.”

The storage towers will be able to store up to 500,000 trucks a year and provide a safe place for people to park, Muth said.

The new storage structures will also provide a temporary place to park in the boroughs central business district, which also will see a surge in truck traffic.

It’s a short walk from Times Square to Times Square Park, and New Yorkers who want to get out and explore Manhattan’s cultural and historic districts will be glad to have more space to walk.

A New York Police Department spokesman said the city plans to install about 200 storage towers at locations throughout the city in the coming years.

Some of those locations are in areas that have not been designated for any other type of transportation, such as commercial or industrial zones, which can make them difficult to navigate and cause delays.

There will also be about 50 storage towers that are located in the subway system, and these locations are under consideration.


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