The mystery of the dark tower in New Yorkers Greenwich Village may be solved with the help of a local architecture firm.

In October, the owner of The New York Institute of Architects revealed the existence of the tower, which was built in 1901 to house the Manhattan Museum of Art.

The dark tower has not been seen since.

It’s the building’s only known location, but it has been on display in several other cities.

An artist’s rendering of the original Manhattan Museum Building in New Yorks Greenwich Village.

When the building was unveiled, the public was treated to a breathtaking scene of New York City skyline and a mysterious dark building in the distance.

The tower has never been seen before.

However, the building is now in the process of being removed from public view and is now being studied by architecture students in the Manhattan Institute of Architecture.

“The building was once part of the Manhattan building.

It was built to be the museum and a place for the public to come and experience the Manhattan skyline and New York State,” said Sarah Todt, a professor of architecture and the director of the New York Academy of Art and the Manhattan institute.

Todt believes the building will remain in the museum’s collection until 2031. “

There is a whole lot of mystery and intrigue here, and I think it will open up new possibilities for people to learn more about what’s going on here.”

Todt believes the building will remain in the museum’s collection until 2031.

Tods also believes the dark building is related to the New Museum of Modern Art.

“It’s the New World Museum of the American Museum of Natural History,” she said.

It was the New Orleans Museum of Fine Arts that first showed the dark structure, which is still visible today.


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