Minecraft Tower Defense (MTD) is the game everyone is waiting for.

It’s a tower defense video game where you play as a Minecraft tower defence, but instead of attacking towers you defend your own.

There are tons of different towers you can build and they can all have different defenses, so you can use your tower to protect yourself or help your allies.

MTD is the first game to be developed by a major studio, and its an impressive title with some amazing graphics.

It has some great maps, and a very simple gameplay. 

So what makes MTD so good?

I think MTD’s biggest strength is the amount of different types of towers you build.

There’s also a lot of different ways to defeat each other.

It also features a very strong team system that allows for teamwork and even alliances to form.

It seems like a lot is possible with the game, but the gameplay is actually very simplistic. 

The game is also very easy to learn, as you can quickly pick up the basics by playing the demo. 

It’s possible to play MTD solo and there are multiplayer options too, but it’s really not as easy to play with others as it should be.

I think if you’re not into tower defense, then you might not be into MTD. 

MTD has also been a bit buggy recently, which is disappointing, but you can always try out other game studios for updates.

MTd is free, but there are paid versions available for a price of $20. 

If you want to try MTD out and find out more about the game’s mechanics, you can find it on Steam.


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