In the early morning hours of January 6, 2019, the power tower at Tower Grove Park in downtown Los Angeles collapsed, sending hundreds of people scrambling from their homes in the street.

The collapse occurred as the tower was being lifted by crane, and the crane operator was trapped under the crane’s trailer, and was eventually rescued.

The Tower Grove Tower has since been demolished and the city will continue to clean up the site.

Tower Grove was built in the 1940s as the city’s first and largest office tower, and its current owners, the Tower Grove Development Company, are responsible for the remaining structures, such as the parking lot, that remain.

While the tower suffered damage during the collapse, the owners have promised to maintain the building for at least 30 years.

The tower was not the first to fall during construction, but the structural problems that led to the collapse of the tower are some of the most common.

The structure’s base fell in a massive explosion that caused a massive fireball, creating an area of burning debris that could have been seen from miles away.

The fireball also left a huge hole in the ground.

As a result, the entire tower was tilted upward, causing the base to fall.

The building collapsed due to a number of factors, including the earthquake that hit Los Angeles in 2015, which caused the ground to shake and a landslide in nearby Cahuenga Pass that left the tower toppling on its side.

The power company responsible for building the tower said in a statement that “the building was inspected by the Los Angeles Fire Department and the structural integrity of the structure was verified.”

The owners of the Tower Heights property have said that they did not know that the structure had structural problems and that they had not consulted with the City of Los Angeles before opening the structure to the public.

The owners also say that they have not received any compensation from the city.

Tower Heights is located in the middle of Los Feliz and is surrounded by water, and is just minutes from the LAX Metro.


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