I live in New York, so it’s been an interesting few weeks for me, because I’ve seen quite a bit of the state come together and celebrate a tornado that was too big for our town.

Last week, I was at the intersection of 2nd Avenue and Lexington Avenue in downtown Manhattan.

There’s a sign in the window of the restaurant I’m at that says, “All of the Tires in Town Have Tornadoes,” and it’s just the name of a local restaurant.

I can’t believe this happened, because the entire area around me was on lockdown.

There was a police helicopter overhead, and they had a full-time security detail, because it’s a place where people can gather to celebrate a big event.

There were cops in riot gear.

It’s one of those moments when you think, “What the fuck is going on?”

It was pretty overwhelming to be there, because we were at the very center of a tornado outbreak.

We had no idea what was going on in terms of the damage, but the tornado was huge, and it came down in the middle of the night.

We didn’t really know where it was going to hit, and the storm was coming from all directions.

When we finally got to the hotel, we were all freaking out, because all of our windows were open.

I think it was around 6:30 or 7:00 a.m.

When I woke up, the hotel was empty, and I was sitting in my hotel room, and we had no electricity, and no water, and all of this.

I didn’t think I’d be out of here until 7:30 a.k., but the next morning I was up there, and there were people running down the street screaming, and screaming, because there was no power.

I got a call, and that was it.

The hotel was gone.

It was so, so dark.

I had no water.

There wasn’t a streetlight, and none of the lights were working.

And there was a truck parked outside, and nobody was on the ground.

There weren’t even enough people in the hotel to do anything about it.

I was a little freaked out.

And then, as the night went on, we got a text message that it was safe.

And it was the biggest surprise in the world, because no one had told us that we were under lockdown, and if something happened, we’d be the first to know.

And I was so happy to finally hear that.

So, yeah, it was a very surreal moment, because, like I said, we have no electricity.

We have no water in our hotel.

And that’s when we realized that it wasn’t really a tornado, it’s really a big water truck that was trying to rescue people.

So that’s what got me so excited about the whole thing.

The whole experience was surreal, because when you’re in a hotel that’s under a tornado threat, you don’t want to get caught in the tornado, and when you get caught, you’re just sitting in the lobby, and you can’t get out.

But we had that truck that we needed, and people were just getting out, and, like, just sitting there and watching us.

The next morning, when I got to work, I saw a Facebook post from one of the hotel employees that was saying, “If you have a room in your hotel, you better go get out of there.

We need you out of town.

We’re getting a tornado warning.”

I went to the room, I went over to the door, and then I started getting ready to get out, when the hotel security guards called out, “Don’t go out, you got to stay in there.”

So I just stood there and watched, and as soon as I opened the door I heard them say, “We’re getting tornado warnings.”

And I just felt like I was in a movie.

I’m going, “Holy shit!

I’m in a fucking movie!”

And they said, “You need to get in here right now, because they’re getting us.”

So, that was one of my favorite moments.

I’ve had to deal with a lot of different situations in my career, and having the hotel get a tornado alert is just one of them.

I have had to do this a lot over the years, because you’re supposed to stay inside the hotel and keep yourself safe.

That’s all that they’re supposed, and in order to do that, you’ve got to take them seriously, you have to be a hero, you need to be strong.

And luckily, I’m a strong guy.

I survived that, but I’m still trying to find the right way to do it.

You see, I don’t know how you could be in that situation.

It seems like a very


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