The Indian market has been waiting for the Light Tower, a high-end tower designed for long-haul truckers.

The brand’s flagship, the Pangani, has been on sale for several years, but the latest edition of the Light tower will be its most powerful to date.

It will be the first in the brand’s line of luxury towers, which have been launched for decades in the US and the UK.

The Pangini will also be the tallest truck in India.

The new Light tower, which is the world’s first high-tech, modular tower, is powered by a 1,100-watt lithium-ion battery, which has been upgraded to deliver 1,000 hours of energy storage.

The tower is a compact form factor, with the same dimensions as the existing Pangina, which makes it the first Light Tower to be a hybrid design, with one half of the tower powered by battery and the other powered by solar panels.

The Light Tower will be launched in a few months, with deliveries starting in 2020.

“The Light Tower is an evolution of our flagship Light Tower.

It is not a traditional SUV like the Pangui or the Pangea, which we are selling today,” said Satish Gupta, vice-president, Global Marketing & Branding, Jaguar Land Rover.

The design is based on the original Pangua and Pangeas and the Light towers are lighter, longer and wider than the current models.

Jaguar Land will build the towers at a cost of Rs 1,500 crore, with a total of seven units to be built.

“There are two elements to the Light Towers design, one is the modularity, which means that the modules are interchangeable.

There is no fixed base, the modules can be attached and removed.

This means that you can create a whole new platform that is modular and has the power of a truck, which can accommodate multiple passengers.

The other element is the power,” Gupta said.

The towers will have a maximum height of 1,200 metres, a height of 350 metres and a length of 1.3 kilometres.

The Power Tower, which will have the longest range of any Light Tower in the world, will have an installed capacity of 5,000 kilometres and is powered using solar panels on the base of the towers.

The Jaguar Land Power Tower will weigh around 1,700 tonnes and will have 3,000 solar panels in its tail section.

“We are building the Light and Power towers in India as an innovation and the future of Jaguar Land,” Gupta added.

The company has also invested in the technology and the construction of the new towers.

“As part of our ongoing efforts to innovate, we are taking the latest technologies and processes and applying them to our flagship products and services, which are built on the strength of our manufacturing and engineering expertise,” Gupta explained.

The next Light Tower – which will be sold in Europe – is due to be unveiled in 2019, but no date has been announced.


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