A Wellington-based hotel company is looking to build a “hotel” on the site of a former luxury tower.

The Wellington Hotel & Spa (WHL) has been working with a developer to acquire the land, which sits near Vornada Park.WHL is looking for an architect and will work with an independent firm to complete the building, which will have a capacity of 200 guests and 600 employees, WHL CEO Richard Wilson said on Monday.

He said it was the “first time we’ve had a property of this type for the city”.

“We’ve been talking about this for some time,” Mr Wilson said.

“It’s something we’re looking forward to getting going.”WHL had previously been in talks with developers for the site, but it was not clear how many apartments would be needed.

Its building is part of the project to redevelop the site.WSL was established in 2017, and was first a property developer.

The company has been involved in various projects in the city, including the creation of the City’s first supertourist precinct, the launch of the Wellington Aquarium, and the purchase of a historic mansion.

The company said the purchase would provide a “super-luxury amenity” for the Wellington waterfront and provide an economic boost to the region.

WHL has partnered with other developers, including Auckland-based Wintris Architects and KPMG.

New Zealand is one of the fastest-growing destinations for global tourists in the world, and WHL is targeting an expansion to about 5,000 rooms in the coming years.


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