After a couple of weeks of anticipation, Vornada Tower fans are finally going to have their day in court.

That’s because the developers behind the wildly popular tower, VTT, have been ordered to pay $13 million to its owners, the owners of the nearby tower that was destroyed in the 2011 collapse.

The order comes from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in San Francisco, and it comes in response to a lawsuit brought by a local group called Save VTT.

The suit was filed in January of this year.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the order was issued by Judge James M. Leighton III, the second highest-ranking federal judge in the United States.

The plaintiffs argued that VTT was built to the height of its owners’ homes and did not comply with fire codes, and that the developer’s failure to build the tower’s fireproofing violated the federal Building Code.

VTT owner Mike Rader said that the owners would appeal the order, and he said that he would do so “with the utmost fervor.”

“VTT is an extraordinary building and deserves to be honored with respect,” he said.

“We look forward to being vindicated.

We hope to eventually have the building restored to its former glory.”

The lawsuit also claimed that the developers violated federal fire codes when the tower was constructed.

The building’s building code stated that any structure with a fire rating of 4,500 square feet or larger could not be built above a height of 3,000 feet.

However, the U,S.

Fire Administration says that it was not possible to determine the building’s fire rating based on its height.

The code stated: “A structure built with a construction rating of less than 4,000 square feet shall not be constructed above a level of 3.9,000.”

According to an analysis of the building code released by the U.,S.

FIRE Administration, a building that exceeds the code is not considered a structure built to a fire-rated construction, as such a building is required to be inspected and required to meet all fire codes for fire protection, as required by the Fire Code of the State of California.

The case is scheduled for a hearing in the second week of March.


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