As the clock strikes 10:00pm, you might be feeling the heat.

And with no sleep in sight, it’s a good time to head out for a walk.

And if you need help deciding which fitness routine is best for you, we’ve put together this quick guide to help. 

How do I build a Power Tower?

You’ll need two pieces of wood and two sticks. 

One piece of wood is a Power Pole (shown above), and the other is a Power Station (shown below). 

First, take the two pieces that you’re going to be building and lay them out on a flat surface.

Then, cut the two sticks to size and attach them to the Power Pole.

Next, take one stick and fold it in half, making sure that the ends are parallel. 

Now you’re ready to cut the Power Station, which is shown above. 

Next, take a piece of lumber, and use a pair of scissors to cut out two sections of the piece that you’ll be building. 

Attach one of the sections to the bottom of the Power Tower, and then fold it over in half. 

This will create a small space between the Power Base and the Power Wheel. 

Once the Power base is attached, fold the top half of the Base over so that it can be attached to the top of the wheel.

Finally, attach the bottom half of Base to the wheel, and fold the bottom end over. 

Repeat this process for the other two pieces, and attach the pieces to the Wheel.

You’re now ready to assemble the Power Board.

The Power Board is a piece that can be used for the entire build process. 

The base is comprised of a Power Base, Power Wheel, Power Base (which can be connected to the base with two strips), and Power Base Extension. 

Using these components together, you can build up a huge power tower that can easily lift a child up from the ground.

The Power Board can be easily removed from the Power Tree and replaced with other parts, such as a Power Wheel Base, for another height increase. 

You can also assemble a Power Station with a Power Tree, which can then be used to build other Power Towers. 

Here are some more photos of the building process:


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